Power Acoustik PnP Harness Update

Thanks to all who have trusted in me and pre-ordered a PnP harness for their CP-71W.  We received confirmation that they will ship on June 7 from our vendor.  This means we should receive them by June 15.  We will start fulfilling as soon as we can after that.

One little caveat is that Purple wire is a custom that would take several weeks more so I opted for all black wires instead.  The purpose of all one color wire is cost.  I would have had to increase the price to use unique color wire in every location and I didn’t want to do that.  Since these are Plug and Play I saw no reason that the same color would be an issue for you the consumer.  Same colors help with marketing and fulfilment as well.  Unfortunately I started pushing Purple well before I found out purple would cost more and take longer.  Once it’s installed It shouldn’t matter anyhow.  I had to make a command decision and change purple to black as it was immediately available and common.

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