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Sony Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness

Sony Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness

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Easiest installation ever - this custom Plug-n-Play harness connects into the head unit, the car's stereo harness, and our DCI (Dash Control Interface) to simplify installation of a Sony head unit and DCI. This harness greatly reduces installation time and there are no worries about making the right wire connections.

  • DCI (sold separately) is needed to convert S2000 dash control signals into head unit commands.
  • Can be used without a DCI for a "no splice" installation of your new Sony head unit.
  • Amp "turn-on" lead is wired to power the S2000 antenna but may be T-tapped for use with an external amplifier.
  • Includes wires for special applications such as "parking brake" or "reverse light" inputs.

The Sony PnP harness only works on DCIs with a 6-pin connector (2012 or later).

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