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Shift Beeper

Shift Beeper

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This module makes it even easier to rev-it-to-the-red without short-shifting or getting slammed by the factory rev-limiter. The included 100dB+ beeper provides 3 warning beeps prior to your shift point so you can pace your shift, regardless of which gear you are in. No more looking at the tach and you get more warning than using a simple shift light. The "pacing" of the beeps allows you to count "1,2,3,shift" and hit your shift point every time. Perfect for Autocrossers or track junkies.


  • Only 3 wires needed: +12v, ground, and a tach signal (many cars can use a coil trigger or injector if they don't have a dedicated tach wire)
  • Switch settings for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10-cylinder vehicles
  • The "shift rpm" can be set in 100 rpm increments from 3000 to 12,900 rpm
  • The spacing between "warning beeps" can be set for 100, 200, or 300 rpm increments
  • The number of "warning beeps" can be changed from the standard 3 to only 1 or 2 beeps or turned off completely
  • The module can drive almost any shift indicator or sounder, as long as it operates from 12 volts DC and uses 1 Amp or less

S2000 owners - Download S2000-specific installation instructions from the "Manuals & Help" tab and consider buying the optional wiring kit that includes all the wires and connectors needed to install the Shift Beeper in your car.

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